Chuck Scott


Project overview

A bio piece on my grandfather, the legendary photojournalist and picture editor Chuck Scott, was produced as an iPad app and published as my master's project for graduate school in the spring of 2012. Over the course of one year I researched the topic, edited the images, designed the project and produced the app.




All of 'em

Finding the story

There was no shortage of content. Boxes of negatives, prints, artifacts, awards all the physical evidence of a tremendous career was in his house waiting to be scanned, or photographed. Along side the visual assets I collected audio and video interviews of him. The discovery phase of this project was magical and overwhelming...because where on earth do I start? Eventually in all the content I landed on the story framing for this piece.

Putting the pieces together

The heart of the content was broken into two major sections: the chapters of his career (photographer, editor, educator) and a timeline spanning his 55 year career. Here is a sample of the page layouts.

iPad app production

At the time, producing an app was relatively new territory and I didn't have any colleagues or mentors to guide me through building this interface. I did an extensive amount of research and was able to get this onto the app store on May 8, 2012. The app was active on the iTunes for several years and proceeds went to the Chuck Scott Scholarship at Ohio University.